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best accountant for couriers

Accounting services for courier and delivery drivers

We truly understand your needs as we have years of experience in the delivery sector. Most of our clients are courier drivers ( AMAZON, DPD, DHL, YODEL, HERMES, and many others) and delivery drivers ( JUSTE EAT, DELIVEROO, UBER EAT, TAXI, and other delivery services)

Working as a driver can be stressful enough, with constant pickups and deliveries to be made, all while being conscious of your star rating. However, while it’s important to ensure you are offering customers the best possible experience, it’s even more important to not leave yourself short when it comes to filing your taxes.

We are familiar with all the different reports and records that Uber, Deliveroo etc have so you can focus on your job and we will handle the taxes


Expenses you can claim

  • Fuel, servicing, insurance and repairs, and the cost of the van itself OR 45 p per mile for the first 10000 miles and 25 p thereafter
  • Costs associated with keeping your car/van clean 
  • If you used a loan to buy the car, the interest associated with that loan
  • Your smartphone and associated accessories - only the business use
  • Office supplies and stationaries
  • Training costs such as an advanced driving course
  • Amenities for customers including snacks, water, tissues etc.
  • Meal allowance
  • VAT - please contact us to explain the FLAT RATE VAT SCHEME

Why choose us?

  • Knowledge - we know many legal secrets to reduce your taxes
  • Experience  - many years of experience within that sector
  • Price - reasonable prices and quality services
  • Communication - we speak English and Bulgarian
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